Pass me the wine..

do you know when you are having a really shitty day? well today that is me.

The day started off fine, I went about my usual business, dropped the kids to school and nursery then pottered.

Came home, done my housework, cracked on with my work and then decided to pay G’s nursery fee’s – I re-opened the email I originally opened in Spain and checked the price again, this time it was £180 more than I remembered. I was so excited when I first opened it that I didn’t realise in my pure post wedding bubble that there was a page 2.

Fuck. My. Life.

So that set me off in a bad mood, I wanted to write but my work system was being a dick so something that should have taken an hour took two hours. By the time I was finished it was time to pick the sprogs up from school. My brother and his might as well be wife came with me which was nice. I stood in the line for K but he didn’t appear, my heart started racing, my mind flicking through different thoughts ‘shit, did i actually witness him walking into his classroom’ ‘fuck, did i actually drop him off at all today?’ then there he was, mr laid back and all the time in the world looking a right scruff. Nothing was in his backpack, but, he does always come out with his beaming smile.

Now, K has only been in he’s new class for 4 days, 4 days for a just 5 year old in year one is a bit much, but i thought i would ask he’s teacher how he is getting on.

He needs to knuckle down. He doesn’t listen. He is not interested.

That pissed me off even more. I wasn’t pissed off with the teacher, i was just pissed off at the whole thing. He then came home and seemed to have the devil in him (over tiredness at it’s best) he stood on the dogs back, strike one: straight to bed.

fifteen minutes later he came down, he was calm and quiet. Fab. He apologised to the dog and me.

K isn’t a naughty kid, I know most parents say this, but he isn’t. He doesn’t listen, granted. But he isn’t a bad kid. So to have him in the mood he has been in and the constant back chatting – i’ll be honest, my patience has wore thin.

Dan came home and could see I was in one of them moods, he came in and gave me a kiss and a cuddle while taking my wine out of my hand and asked me not to be down and to go back to my happy self. It doesn’t help I have wedding blues, I didn’t want to go back to normality, I liked us being in our bubble.

He gave me a kiss and asked me if I wanted him to bath or shower the boys and put them to bed. Honestly, something so little was like music to my ears. I am so lucky to have him, he is a saint and he know’s how to calm me down.

He has had a stern chat with K about he’s behaviour at school so hopefully it has sunk in. Little pickle.

Sorry, this is a rant post but i have just had a bloody shit day.

Anyway, kids are a bed, dinner is cooking and we are going to chill and watch a film, that’s if Dan doesn’t get sucked into Ozark on Netflix.

Tomorrow is a new day, all of this is sent to test us.



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