I don’t know if you remember me blogging about my nurse appointment and being told that my BMI was in the ‘overweight’ section? 

Well, today I had to go back to get another three months worth of my pill. She told me that I wasn’t just in the overweight section last time, I was in the obese section! I think she could tell by the look on my face that I was gobsmacked, she then went on to tell me that she didn’t want me getting depressed about it and that I have lost some weight so I’m now just in the ‘overweight’ section. She then went on to tell me that she could give me some information on a weight loss programme and I would get the first 12 weeks free.. what the actual fuck. 
I came out of there bummed. No wonder women feel so insecure and constantly worried about their image and weight. I am a size 12-14 – I really wouldn’t class myself as overweight. I eat healthy (most of the time), I am on the go constantly. 
I just don’t get it, I don’t get how they can class you as overweight because some numbers don’t match up. It really bothered me, which has now made me see my body in a different way, the unconfident me came back. I will get over it and I will continue my healthy eating journey, but it just really pissed me off.
I saw something today that said that New Look have started charging a ‘fat tax’ what the hell is wrong with this world, women are meant to be curvaceous, not sticks! I just think it is so wrong how body image is seen at the moment, it makes me worry about my boys and how they will grow up. Everyone is beautiful, what ever shape or size, we are beautiful. 
I hope you are all ok, might sit and indulge in an easter egg now.. why not?

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