Consent to change your child’s nappy..

Ok, sorry, but what the actual fuck is this ‘expert’ going on about?? A baby needs to give consent for you to change their nappies?!

Mummy: ‘Oh, Hi little newborn baby, can mummy change your nappy? you seem to have had a poo explosion’

Newborn: ‘No, I would like to roll around in my own poo’

Mummy: ‘Ok then, have fun kid’


Like seriously?!? come on, what the bloody hell is going on. I’m all for moving with the times and that, but this is just ridiculous, even worse than celebrities branding their children as ‘it’s’ as they don’t want to confuse them into what gender they are!!!

Do you agree with this? I am still gobsmacked by the stupidity of it if I’m honest


Let me know your thoughts

A x

2 thoughts on “Consent to change your child’s nappy..

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