Anxiety has hit me hard today..

Hey !

Sorry for lack of blogs, but what with flu, snow days and now getting back into my school routine, I haven’t had much time. Hope you wonderful lot are all ok :).

We had book day today at school, for some reason our school had a different date to the rest, Kellan went as Captain America and Grayson went as Iron Man. They looked super cute and had a fun day.


I’m very anxious, I have been all day. My first born, my baby boy, is going on his first school trip tomorrow. I’ve just packed his little rucksack and gone through his checklist. His gone to bed so excited, me on the other hand, well quite frankly, I’m a mess.

The thought of dropping him off tomorrow and then letting him go on a coach to his little day out is terrifying me. Remember my blog about letting go? well this is another moment where he is slipping that little bit further out of my fingers. Oh my god seriously I think I’m going to cry.

I know he is going to have fun, his going to be with all his friends and he is so excited. I’ve just got to try, try and remember that everything will be ok. I wish I volunteered now, maybe I will do that for the next trip.

Not going to lie, I have actually thought about following them up there in my car and watching from a distance.

Please tell me it gets easier? I don’t want to be like this every time he leaves to go on a trip. Maybe it will get easier as he gets older, but I’m struggling with it at the moment, maybe because he is my first. I’ve never had to do this before, it’s all new to me.

Dan is upstairs reading them the Gruffalo Child, I’ve just cooked our dinner so now I am going to try and chill this evening, it will all be Ok.




any comments are welcome xx


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