I am so ready for Christmas Break..

It’s Saturday morning, kids are watching Paw Patrol while playing with their cars. I love listening to them play and how they run away with their imaginations. I have a hot cuppa tea on the side, a clean house and sausages cooking in the oven.

Three more days of the school run, three! I can’t wait, I am so ready for the christmas break, and so are the kids.

Everything is bought and wrapped, apart from the kids bits. Normally I am getting all the final bits ready for christmas dinner, but this year we’re not at home. I love being at home for Christmas, I don’t like the rushing around of a morning and I like the kids being able to chill and play with their new bits they’ve received from Santa.

This year we are going to Dan’s sisters, I have only spent Christmas once with at his families for christmas in the seven years we have been together, and this year, he wanted to spend Christmas with all of his family. I decided to get a duck to cook for Christmas dinner, thought I ordered a goose, but nope. It was a duck.

We’ve had a busy few weeks with Kellan’s school bits, we had his first Nativity play which was so cute, he was a sheep! a very cute sheep if I say so myself. It has actually been non stop, then we’ve all been unwell which has been crap but hopefully we are now all over it.

I don’t get to spend a lot of time one on one with my two, if anything, I spend more time with Grayson than I do Kellan, one, because Kellan is at school and two, people take Kellan over Grayson when they decide to have one of them for the day.

On Thursday, I was feeling slightly worse for wear, I had been out with a few of the mums and had one to many bottles of Prossecco. I was hoping to go home and just have a film day with Grayson, but then I remembered we had Grayson’s pre-school christmas party at a soft play.. I was dreading it. But, it was so nice, me and Grayson played, I watched him play with his little nursery friends and teachers so I did get about 10 minutes to enjoy my hot, steamy, well needed coffee.

After the party finished, I decided to treat us both to a little McDonald’s while watching some of the planes at a local airport near us. I felt relaxed and happy. It was cold but bright so decided I would take Grayson for a walk with the dog, as I opened the front door I was hit by this horrendous smell. Dog sick and shit. The hangover queasiness kicked back in. I was dry heaving while cleaning up. Sick and shit cleared up, we went for our little walk. We then had to go back to the school and walk with Kellan and his class to the postbox to post their santa letters. It was a really nice day, these are the days I love (apart from the dog sick and shit, obviously).

By the time we got back to Kellan’s school, Grayson had fallen asleep in the pram. We thought we would be sent away to go and wait in the cars until the kids had finished school, but we were all invited in to have biscuits with the kids and see them in their classroom. It was so lovely to see.

I think we are all ready for the Christmas break, and you know what? I can’t wait!

Roll on the festivities.

Have a lovely weekend X

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