Lets get ready to ramble..

First of all, sorry for once again going radio silent. Had a manic few weeks and still trying to get back into the swing of the school run after a wonderful two weeks half term. My parents are staying at ours for a few weeks due to their villa in Spain being refurbished, and also they’re waiting for their new house back here to be ready so they can move in.

I’m hating the school run  this term, not even going to lie. This term just seems to be so much more of an effort. The boys are still loving school and pre-school, but it’s just trying to get us all out in the morning. Here’s an example of how today panned out:

06:30am – Alarm goes off

06:45am – pull myself out of my lovely, cosy bed and headed for the stairs to find Kellan, once again, in my mum and dad’s bed. Instantly pissed off as this has now been going on for a week.

07:00am – make the much needed cup of tea

07:05am – sit down while the kids are demanding biscuits for breakfast. Breakfast sorted (might of been biscuits, sh)

07:35am – have now realised that maybe we should all go up to get ready, seeing as we have to leave at 8am, 8:10am is our limit (I am normally up and dressed, but this week, I just can’t be bothered)

08:00am – after bickering with my 4 and 2 year old to get dressed and brush their bloody teeth, we are dressed. Text my friend to tell her we are leaving in 5.

08:10am – my kids are still sitting on the fucking stairs after asking them 1000 times to get their BLOODY SHOES out of the shoe drawer.

08:15am – Kellan is refusing to go to school, Grayson is in the car, in his car chair, happy as a pig in shit. I storm back into the house, by this point I have lost it.

“Kellan!!!! If you do not come down these stairs right now I am going to drag you to the car” yes, I did say drag. No, I didn’t mean it, and No, I definitely wouldn’t of done it. Just thought I better clear that up for you all.

All of a sudden out of his mouth comes “Don’t you dare say that Mummy! That’s rude, you are not my best friend anymore” After our little disagreement, off to the car we go.

08:30am – arrive at my friends, 15 minutes late. fantastic.

We walked to school, we made it. But yea, it wasn’t fun.  I felt like I could of cried today, it all got a bit too much.

When I got home, my mum told me she had to stay in the bathroom as she couldn’t stop laughing at me and Kellan’s conversation.

Now, I love having my mum and dad here, we get on really well. They are excellent with the kids, mum helps out a lot, she’s helping with the housework, washing, cooking etc. but my kids push it, they don’t listen to me at the best of times, but now Nanny and GaGa are here, well, I am fucked.

Before mum and Dad arrived, I laid down some “ground rules”:

  1. When mummy says no, it means no. Whether they agree with it or not, it means no. I don’t want to be undermined, especially not in front of the boys.
  2. No iPads. I don’t mind every now and again, but not every day.

Rule 1 has stood

Rule 2? What Rule 2? The first few days the kids were on them, constantly. Before school, after school, the weekend. Look, I don’t mind the kids having the iPads, I know it’s the way of the world now, but I don’t want them on them 24/7.

After a few days, they calmed down, now, they’ve broken… woohoo.

I don’t know if you get this with your parents but my boys will immediately go to them when I’ve said no. To be honest, since mum and dad have been here, I am shocked that it is actually more my dad that gives in than my mum! I think when it comes to parents VS grandparents, it’s the generation gap. How they were bought up is completely different to how kids are being bought up today. There is no right or wrong way to parent, just different.

Me and Dan love my mum and dad to pieces, they are amazing with the kids, and I honestly couldn’t wish for better parents or grandparents for my kids. I’m going to miss them when they move.

Enough rambling from me, it’s now time to have a much needed glass of wine and watch I’m a Celebrity 🙂 X

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