Happy Halloween

Kids are finally tucked into bed on a sugar high watching TV as a treat (they are still on their school holidays), Dan is upstairs working and I’ve just ordered an indian while watching Friends. Me, Kellan & Grayson have had a busy, long day. I feel exhausted.

We went to my friends this morning, had a long overdue catch up. The kids played, Grayson sat on my lap most of the time. His always been a clingy baby, but unsure why these last few weeks he has been super clingy. It’s hard when I’m busy doing bits and he is clinging onto my legs following me round with his blanket and dummy.

After finishing at my friends, I came home and sorted my washing then headed off to a little halloween party one of my mummy friends put on. The kids had a really good time, lots of games, food and sweets. Loads of sweets. Honestly, they were all on a sugar high.

Left the party about 5:30, come home and waited for my friend and neighbour to get home. Wrapped the kids up and headed round our new build estate to do their little trick or treating. I feel knackered, Kellan is still going, Grayson is in the land of nod.

Anyway, our Indian has just arrived so now going to eat that and chill out for some “our time” before we start all over again tomorrow.

One good thing now Halloween is over, tomorrow is November, which means it is now acceptable to start playing Christmas songs right??!?

Ha, enjoy your evening,




Happy Halloween x

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