Happy Wednesday.. 

today we had a quiet day. We went to see my mum for the day with the boys which was nice. We had a bit of lunch and then just chilled. It was nice getting them out for the day.

We had a play date at home on Tuesday. There were 8 kids in total including mine. It was madness. I knew it would be loud and hyped kids running around but I wasn’t prepared! They were up and down the stairs, jumping off my sofas, then they were running around playing it and duck duck goose. After a few hours, we said our goodbyes and they left.. I sat down in complete silence for 5 minutes enjoying the quietness. At the end of the day, they all had a good time and it was nice that he got to see his little friends from school! Plus it was lovely catching up with their mums, think we are all missing our school gate chat! He has missed them, but he told me he likes not going a school and wants to stay in his pjs. His so much like his mama.

Grayson is too young to miss preschool but I do think they’re missing their routine. Lucky for us we still have all of next week off aswell 🙌🏼. I’m definitely appreciating my time with them more now my babies are at school. I do understand now why people go on to have more bubbas once theirs are off hand and at school. It’s the realisation that they’ve grown up, they aren’t your dependent little bundles anymore that need you constantly. They are growing up, and school is just the start of their amazing little adventures in life. 

I am one proud mama of my two boys, I have my moments with them like most parents do, but I love them and miss them so much when we ain’t together. It’s like a piece of my heart has gone. 

I better get used to it.. this is just the beginning of them not needing you as much as you want them too. 

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