The Perfect Sunday..

Sitting here writing this while Dan is watching some film with Tom Cruise on TV. Travis is chilling with his toys on the rug, the boys are tucked into bed. We have had the perfect Sunday.

First off, i got a lay in. It was so needed, Kellan had me up three times on Friday night, it ruined me. I felt wrecked. So this morning to have a little lay in was amazing. When i came down this morning, Dan had made breakfast and sorted the kids. It really was a nice little treat.

We then had a little arts and crafts session with painting and drawing. Daddy done it with them while mummy cleaned up and washed the bedding. We then went off and got some bits for our roast dinner.

When we come back my brother and his girlfriend pulled up, then my uncle and auntie arrived. It was lovely, the kids were excited to see them all. Once they had left, i started prepping dinner when my mum and dad arrived. It gave us a chance to do some bits round the house, Dan cut the grass, I started cooking. Mum and dad were doing play doh and other arts and crafts with them. Once mum and dad left my mother in law arrived! We have had a chilled day but busy with visitors. It really has been a lovely day.

Now me and Dan are going to have some chill time on our 7th year anniversary.

I now have two weeks with my bubba’s on half term, lets do this.


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