Hooray for Half Terms..

Happy Saturday!

Kellan broke up yesterday from school, he gets two weeks off. I am looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to not dragging the boys out of bed and rushing to get them dressed and fed in the morning. They are still in their pjs, it’s 13:22pm and they are not dressed.

I’m not normally like that, i like to have them dressed, but not today. Today i decided they can chill in their pyjamas if they want, they are watching TV, playing with their toys and eating what they like. Nice chilled day for them. I’ve cleaned and done the washing, Dan is sorting the play room out. It was my job but didn’t get round to doing it. My bad.

We have friends over for dinner tonight, so kids are going to have a nice bath and early night while mummy and daddy eat and drink. Just a little blog to let you know i am still here, it’s just been a whirlwind getting my head around school.


Check in later, enjoy your day X

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