Same battle, different day…

I am sick and tired of having the same constant battle with my kids. Since my eldest has started school he comes home with the devil in him. He is hyped, he doesn’t listen, plus he is eating me out of house and home as soon as he walks through the door.

Apparently, i am not the only one who’s child is going through this. It’s happening quite a bit. I understand it is all new to them (and us) they are tired and over stimulated (thats what we have put it down to, over stimulation). By the time i serve there dinner up, which is normally about 4:30 they aren’t having any of it. I am sick of arguing with a littler version of myself. I feel like they need high chairs and to be spoon fed again just to get a meal down them. Dinner time is my battle, and a battle i always seem to fail at.

I have to beg, plead, bribe them to eat their dinner. They muck about, they run up and down from the table, need to go to the toilet. I have resulted in taking their toys off them at the table (normally only a little car) and turn the TV off. They can’t seem to focus on the one thing they need, dinner.

I have so far threatened them with bed, the naughty step, to throw their toys in the bin and i’ve even started to threaten to call father christmas, that’s how serious and fed up i am. I have to lock the dog away as they don’t leave him alone. I just feel defeated at the moment, and i don’t know how to get past this blip. It doesn’t matter if i raise my voice, be assertive or just try to talk to them, they just don’t listen. If anyone has any suggestions, i am open to them.

Roll on the holidays.

Happy hump day. Fed up mama, out.



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