A run down of our Weekend..

We’re just settling down ready to watch Narcos on good old Netflix after a hectic weekend. If you haven’t watched it, then do, it is a really good TV series. My silly dog currently has his head stuck under my sofa for some reason, most likely something under there that my boys have thrown under.

Friday Kellan went to nanny’s straight from school, I met my Dad local and dropped him off. It was nice for him to go, but Grayson missed him. Grayson always gets left with me or Dan. Kellan always went off when he was a baby, everyone wanted him, maybe because he was our first? but Grayson is getting to an age where he is starting to pick up on it and it’s sad, but mummy and daddy make sure he has fun while Kellan is away. Me, Dan and Grayson had pizza night Friday and then settled down to watch Cars.

Saturday morning when we got up we chilled for most of the morning, Dan left me in bed for a lay in even though he wasn’t feeling well which was lovely of him, it’s the little things that mean the most. Once we were all dressed and Dan was feeling a bit better we headed over to our local next as Dan needed some new jeans, and we promised Grayson some cake. Once I had dropped Dan home, i headed up to Clacton to pick my pickle up. He was aggy as per when I got there, one because he was tired and two because he knew it was time to go home. We went to the arcardes for a little while and nanny and gaga spoiled them with sweets and lots of pennies for the arcades. As predicted Kellan kicked off when we had to leave, he threw himself on the floor. I get embarressed as everyone stares, surely we have all been through it as parents right?? I pulled him up and put him into the car, he was kicking and screaming and throwing himself all around the car. At this point i was thinking wtf. Anyway, 5 minutes in, he had calmed down and fell asleep. He had been up since 5:30 so was over tired – Kellan + Overtiredness = Demon Child.

Once we were home and unpacked, I decided to go KFC for dinner. I couldn’t be arsed to cook so decided on that. No good for my waistline but oh well. Once the kids were settled in bed me and Dan started looking back at our old photo’s of the boys and how little they were. I got emotional, and so broody. Ever since i have been thinking.. should we go for a 3rd? not because I am hoping for a girl (don’t get me wrong, it would be lovely to have one of each but that’s not why i thought it) but, i find it hard with two, let alone three. Then you have the middle child situation (i was a middle child, don’t tell me middle child syndrome doesn’t exist,  because it does) this broodiness will pass, i am sure, but at the moment the thought is there, a little niggle in the back of my mind.

While i am on the subject of making two, three, what gets me is when me and the boys are out and we get talking to people, they feel the need to ask “oo do you not want to try for a girl?” what i don’t understand is why they feel it acceptable to ask that question? I don’t think i have ever heard people ask women with two girls if they are going to try for a boy?

Anyway.. this morning we went over the woods with our friends and children, they had a little homework task to collect some autumn bits and also find numbers, take photos and print them off so they can discuss it with their teacher. Homework already, three weeks in and aged 4. After our little trip to the woods, we then went pumpkin picking to choose our two pumpkins for carving. The kids had a really good time choosing their pumpkins and running around. We ended up with 6 pumpkins in the end.. 6. We all then went for some lunch local to the christmas tree farm and had a lovely dinner. The kids were happy, the parents were happy, so it was all good.

I am looking forward to our two week half term. No alarms, no routine, just me and my boys. I will get frustrated and wish for them to be back at school, but i am looking forward to every minute. (watch this space, i am sure there will be some funny blogs coming)



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