Married Life: Expectation VS Reality..

Happy Sunday & Hello October.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. My little family have had quite a chilled weekend. It has been needed to be fair, Kellan started his first full week at school, poor little chicken was exhausted and miserable by Wednesday. His still loving it though, which is the main thing. I ask him everyday what he does at school, i get the reply: “nothing!” or “played!”. When i asked him what he has learnt he tells me that he has learnt to sit with his legs crossed.

We had a girls night out on Friday, it was so needed. After a few bottles of Prosecco in the pub, we headed to our local bar (it’s good to support your local businesses) and carried on drinking. We laughed, danced and even had a bottle of prosecco bought for us by a young man. We was flattered. Truth of it really was that he had knocked my friends glass over so bought a new bottle to compensate. It was a really good night out, we all got home about 1am. We went to bed a bit cocky i think, thinking that our husbands were going to let us have a lay in… HAHA. That didn’t happen, obviously. We were all up in-between 6:30-7 all talking on whatsapp about how we didn’t get our lay in. Bastard husbands.

This now brings me onto my topic. Married Life. Me & Dan was supposed to be getting married Saturday, but decided in March that it wasn’t what we wanted anymore.. we decided we wanted it to be about us, no one else. So we have booked to go abroad next year and i can’t wait. We have to get married in a registry office, so we were a bit confused on what date to do it and when to celebrate our anniversary.. would it be the date of the “blessing” or the date we “legally” get married before we go? or when we get back? So we thought sod it, we got legally married a year early so our anniversary is the same date as we have our blessing. We do things so backwards. We didn’t exchange rings or vows, we done it because it was part of the process.

I’ll be honest, married life is no different. I am just now legally bound to him, my little ball and chain. But, I am very happy. I love that i’m his wife, and his my husband.

He pisses me off, i piss him off. We joke and laugh and we strop at each other. We mock each other and act like school children. I don’t think me and Dan can get anymore comfortable with each other than we already are, but some days, i think we still surprise each other. Lets take tonight as an example. Now, i know i haven’t got a body like a model, I have cellulite and stretch marks and I’m a bit flabbier in places then i would like to be and I have a pouch from bringing my two beautiful boys into the world through a section, but hey! I’m happy and my husband loves me for me. So as i was getting ready to jump in the shower i was looking at myself in the mirror and he was laying on the bed when all of a sudden he comes out with “yea, your overhang definitely looks bigger” oh well thank you for that you bellend. To be honest, i thought i had lost a bit of weight.. obviously not! I forgot he had the body of a god.. i then told him i had two children and what was his excuse before slipping into the shower. His lucky i don’t take offence.

Now we are sitting here tucking into our kids sweets while watching Narcos. Just to fill that overhang a little bit more. I’ve got to get my winter body ready, my summer body clearly didn’t make it this year.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn – the crisp leafs, the cooler nights, pumpkin picking, jumpers, UGG’s and pumpkin spiced lattes.. i love fall.



Photo Credit: HeatherStillifsen off of Google Images. 

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