We made it..

Hey! We’re back, for now. Sorry for not posting, what with Kellan starting school we have been all over the place, but we are getting back to some sort of routine following the six weeks, so please bear with me.

We made it to Friday, the first week of the school run is over. I must admit, this week has dragged. I’ve only done it for a week and i myst admit we are all exhausted. Kellan is only on half days at the moment. We leave at 7:45, park up, walk to school, drop the boys off, walk back, get in the car, drive home. From door to door it’s an hour and 10 minutes on a bad day. I am enjoying it, and the kids are enjoying the fresh air in the morning.

The first couple of days it rained, and i mean really rained. Bye summer, it’s been nice having you around! Kids were not dressed for it, i was wearing my flip flops. It was a disaster. C7G9bodWwAA7gEB

But, we survived. Kellan seems to be enjoying it, he is finding it hard as his little friends are in a separate class and he likes to play with them, but he is making friends in his class which is good. His school shoes are already scuffed, it’s only been a week!!! How is that even possible? We’ve also already had an accident at school where Kellan fell off his scooter and sliced his finger, he was a brave boy. Makes me realise how much I miss kissing his booboo’s. I miss my little mate, it still doesnt feel right that he is at school.

The kids are currently tucking into their toad in the hole, me and Dan are flaking and are ready for bed. What has happened to us? My brother and might as well be wife are in the Dominican Republic. I text her to see how her day was going, she replied that it was only 1pm, they were already tipsy and loving life. I replied that i was cooking toad in the hole, not tipsy and winning at life. I’m not jealous though.. (i am going to look at some last minute sun for the half term in October..Sorry husband)

I am looking forward to the kids sleeping in tomorrow, wearing their pjs for most of the day enjoying some much needed tele. Sorry if people don’t agree but my kids deserve some downtime after such a big adjustment of Kellan starting school and Grayson starting pre-school. Plus, i am looking forward to not hearing my alarm at 6am tomorrow! Here’s to two days off of the school run..


Anyway, enjoy your Friday. We will, once kids are a bed which will be soon, we are going to have our lovely prawn curry and chill with a film on the sofa. It is so needed.

Love A X

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