This should of been posted last Friday.. stupid internet.

We arrived at my Uncle’s caravan in St.Osyth yesterday so we could take the boys to the airshow this morning. We arrived, unpacked, and kids were playing on the little decked area with their cars, me and Dan sitting taking it all in.

If we were at home things would be different, I would be cleaning or working, Dan would be in his garage working and you don’t really pay attention to how they play.


Last night we came home from Dan’s auntie’s, had fish and chips and took the boys to watch the red arrows with fireworks. Only stayed about half hour as Kellan doesn’t like fireworks, so we decided to bring them home and let them sleep. Dan stopped off and got some wine and beer and we headed home.

Once kids were tucked up in our bed we came and sat in the living room in complete silence. Dan was chilling, i was reading a pile of magazines he had bought which is unheard of. I can’t remember i sat down and read a magazine. We decided to call it a night at about midnight, moved the kids to their beds in the lounge and went to sleep.

5am, the monkeys woke up “mummy lets go on the racing cars!!!!” kellan, it is 5am, go back to sleep. No, we were up. Oh well, we are on holiday!!!

Enjoy your Friday X

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