28 years young..

Tomorrow i hit the age of 28. I decided to post tonight as i won’t have a chance tomorrow. Tomorrow will be strictly family day. Well, eating cake day, if there is cake. I don’t even know if Dan has anything planned. His still not home from work so can’t even pester him.

Thinking of what i have achieved in 28 years:

  • I met my soul mate 7 years ago
  • I’m lucky enough to be becoming his wife very soon
  • We have been blessed with two beautiful sons
  • We have owned two homes, bought our first 4 years ago

That’s not bad going really. I can’t really say i have smashed my career dream, because at the moment i am extremely lucky that i get to stay at home. We are in a very good position at the moment.

I know 28 isn’t old, but i feel old. Maybe because i had children young, i don’t know. I’ve lost a lot of friends over the four years, things have changed a lot, as they do when you have children. I am grateful for my wonderful friends i have in my life now, they’re my rocks.

I have put kids to bed early, their sleep is all over the place. I am now sitting watching Friends waiting for Dan. Will 100% be having a glass of wine tonight.

Happy 28th Birthday to me 🙂 X

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