I’m Back..

Sorry i have been absent, ever since Kellan’s birthday it has been manic.

He seems to have grown an attitude in a week of being 4.. but i love watching him play and learn. We had a busy day with his party which was hectic as per, but an enjoyable day. I was so hungover which made the prepping a little hard, but we got there in the end!!

Our brand new 2 week old car got hit up the arse on Monday. Honestly, every car we have someone hits us up the arse. In it goes to the garage, and another courtesy car to add to the list.

So Saturday was a real test in our relationship, first we had a toddler party at Marsh Farm, then onto our mother in laws’ and then to IKEA.. IKEA with two toddlers as well, it was hell. We gave the kids our phones in the end (bad parent alert) but it gave us an hour to design a shitting tv unit.. good god. Then got home and drank a whole bottle of wine. Sunday we had a lovely chilled family day, we went to our local fire station fun day which the boys loved, we then went on to our little pub and had a few drinks in the beer garden with our friends while the kids played in the woods, then we come home, i changed into my comfortable jogging bottoms, kids were playing in the garden with the dog, and then I cooked a beautiful pork roast. It was so good, me and Dan were stuffed. Literally couldn’t move. We made sure we had room for apple pie, obviously. Then once in a food coma we watched Beauty and The Beast – it really was the perfect Sunday.

Today the dog had the vet about his poxy ear again, still no better. Once Dan came home we loaded to car up and headed to Mersea. Dan’s sister and her partner have a place down there. They decided to take the kids crabbing and then for fish and chips. Kids were having none of the crabbing so me and Dan done it.. Grayson was more interested in picking up the bucket and putting his hands in there to touch the crabs. Only Grayson, honestly. We have had such a lovely day, wonderful fresh sea food and then onto fish and chips. Diet will have to start again tomorrow.. oops.

Kids fell asleep on our way home, so now we are chilling in the lounge enjoying some peace and quiet. I wasn’t going to blog tonight as i am honestly wiped.

Hope you are all ok, Love A x


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