Sorry, not sorry..

(this post has a lot of swearing, sorry, not sorry)
First stop, vets. Now normally i go to the vets of an evening, on my own, without the kids. Today, i had to do it with the dog and the kids. The vet only had one appointment. 10:30am. Fine, couldn’t be that bad. I wanted to see that vet as he knows Travis and easier then having to keep having the same conversation with various vets. Anyway. The knob head dog for some reason, as soon as he gets out the poxy car and inside the vets he barks. non stop fucking barks. Everyone stares. Ive got Grayson hanging onto me for dear life while I’m trying my best to hold him on my hip, swell as him holding the dogs lead. why not aye? Kellan not wanting to hold me hand because “its his birthday Monday and his going to be 4” hoorah. The dog is dragging me through pets at home, i’ve got Kellan asking to see the baby rabbits (guineapigs) and Grayson just following Kellan because thats what he does. Rounded them up, head for the stairs, kellan darts off, the dog thinks it’s a good idea to do the same. Fml. Grayson is adamant he can do the stairs on his own without holding on. Good time to do it Kid, really. Finally make it up the pissing stairs – the dog starts barking again. Theres this poor dog, petrified and up goes my happy bollock-less dog barking in his face, the poor receptionist is on the phone but travis don’t give a fuck. He is just going to keep barking. Everyone who works there knows Travis. When the vet walks out he looks asif to say – god not the demon dog. Look, his a good dog. No, his a brilliant dog. But for whatever reason, as soon as his in the bloody vets he starts.
Anyway, another £50 down, the dogs ear still no better. The vet tells me if these drops don’t work (his been on drops for 2 weeks) then the dog has got to have a full allergy test. a fucking allergy test. I bought a hypoallergenic dog, for my kids who suffer with eczema and a husband to be who suffers with allergies and hay fever, to be told that my hypoallergenic dog may be allergic to “something” and to be put on hypoallergenic food. You can’t make this shit up. By this point, i am sweating. Trying to control the dog and the kids, it was just a shit storm. Back down the poxy stairs, again made it down without breaking my neck. Grayson back on hip, kellan running back off because travis NEEDS another squeaky toy. No kellan. No he does not.
Now, people can see I’m clearly struggling. I look like a stressed version of Dora the fucking explore with my poxy ruck sack on my back (its a lovely rucksack to be fair, not dora’s, mine). I had to push my way through people and lines because they clearly couldn’t hear my pleas for them to move ever so slightly out of my way. I then make it outside, no fucker stops to let me cross the road. We had a clear gap, i thought it was now or never. Walked upto where the car was, and there was this older lady (she had been loading her car up all this time, she started as i walked in the vets at 10:20, it was now 11am) as i made my way across the road (this point kellan is holding my hand, the hand thats also supporting Grayson) and she gives me this sympathetic look, the look to say. You poor cow. I hadn’t had a great morning to be fair, i feel like I’m all over the place at the moment. That one look, honestly nearly bought me to tears. As i got closer she said “oh love, are you ok? do you need me to help you sweetheart” I had visions of accepting her wonderful offer of help, and letting her hold Travis but then i had visions of this older lady being literally pulled through the air by the dog. I kindly declined and thanked her, she then said, god you’ve really got your hands full. But that one comment, i just sat there and thought, yea. Yea i have got my hands full, and you know, maybe the receptionists could of helped me to the car, or the two workers chatting to themselves could of offered, but then, why should they? They are my kids, my handful. But then i know i would offer anyone help if i could.
when i loaded us all in the car i just sighed, put my glasses down and closed my eyes for 5 minutes. My day has just been a rollercoaster. I then took the kids to the toy shop, but do you know what, i can’t even bring myself to write about it, I’m sure you can imagine.
Think it’s time for me to go a bed, tomorrow is a new day.
Lots of Love X

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