Bunny Pyjamas..

Hi Queens 👑

We’ve had a manic few days here. The weekend whizzed pass as per. We went and saw our wonderful friends who we met in Greece Saturday, kid free. It was lovely. Me and Dan were saying how lucky we were to meet them. Sunday we went to see my friend Sammie who’s just had Baby Jack. He is so handsome and i’m not going to lie – he made me so broody.

That soon passed once my kids were on their 1000th meltdown when we got home!

I’ve felt a bit down the past few days, the weather is shit which is pissing me off. I miss my mum. I miss my friends. It’s just been a bit ugh. My mood goes down and then the kids behaviour reflects on that because i don’t have the patience that i normally do, and every thing they do wrong seems like a much bigger problem than it actually is.
Also it hasn’t helped because Grayson seems so grown up all of a sudden, it’s breaking my heart. It all started because his started saying “Yar” for yes. Now everyone who knows Grayson knows that when he wants to say yes, he would nod his head, and his bottom jaw would move up and down with his head. We would always laugh at him and correct him. Well now, his stopped doing it, and we miss it. It’s silly little things like that, that make you sad and miss them being that bit younger. Everyday they are growing that little bit wiser, and i want it to stop. It’s bad enough Kellan starts school, I’m not ready for my baby to grow up. So yea, maybe thats why I’m feeling a bit shit.

On a happier note, i had a weird dream this morning. Poor Dan.
So, this morning, Dan reached over for his usual morning cuddle. I was half awake, half dreaming. As his hand came over, i was pushing him away, i was so angry with him. I didn’t want him near me. I was so confused, then it hit me. My dream. Now most people would react that way if they had dreamt of their partners cheating, or something radical like that. No. Not me. I had the hump with him, because in my dream, the bastard had got my favourite bunny pyjamas that he hates so much, pulled the blind up and threw them out the window. I was livid! Hence the reason i pushed him away and didn’t want his morning cuddles. I only remembered as i was putting my nice, clean bunny pjs away. I had to run and tell him, we were both laughing so much. He looked at me and said “you are a fucking rare one” – that shows what our relationship is about, I’m not worried about him cheating on me, I’m worried his going to throw my fucking bunny pyjamas out the window.

to top it off, i am on my third bottle of wine since last night, chin chin.

Anyway, hope you are all ok X

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