I. Feel. Wrecked.

I don’t know why, but tonight i feel like i haven’t stopped. I feel drained.

We’ve had a lovely family day out with Reiss, Billie and the kids. We went to Southend to the arcades (kids love the penny machines) it’s lovely seeing them all play together. Then went for some lovely food in Mangetout, Southend. It. Was. So. Good. Definitely want to go back without kids!


Before we left home for the day, Dan had bought Kellan a new bed for his room. This is what we do when we have plans to do anything. We decided (well Dan decides, i watch) to do DIY. It’s all fun and games until the kids want to join in and the job takes twice as long.

I got ready, got the boys dressed, went and got the dog ready as he had the vets. Told the kids to be good with Daddy. Dan had to go to the garage to get something, kids followed. I drove off and told him to be dressed and ready to be out the door by the time i was back. He wasn’t. Anyway, while i was trying to get Travis to co-operate in the vets so the poor student nurse could weigh him i had missed a call from Dan. My first thought, shit the kids. Whats happened. Second thought, Grayson has run down the road chasing me. I didn’t expect him to call me to tell me that he has sliced through his finger, he couldn’t find the plasters (neither could Kellan love him, he was worried about his Daddy) and that our neighbour and friend Amanda had to come to the rescue. again. Honestly, i owe this woman lots of bottles of wine. I get home and he wasn’t dressed, he wasn’t even showered. I was fuming. FUMING. My brother called me to ask where we was, i said Dan had a little accident so we were running behind. As per.

Anyway, it was all good, we got out in the end.

Last night (amanda to the rescue again) we went out, and because i was being rushed out the door i forgot whether i had turned my oven off and blew my three candles out. Then i was worried i was going to burn our house and the dog down. Idiot. Anyway, up she came and checked for me. All off, thank god.

God i am tired. When we got in from southend, i bathed the kids, tidied up Kellan’s room after it was left like a bomb had hit it, got the kids ready for bed, hoovered, then said to the boys as a treat they can watch a film on kellan’s new bed and chill. Daddy obviously had to get involved on the new bed, all three of them sitting up there. Made me laugh.


(My beautiful boys and my gorgeous nieces and nephew)  

Then down i came, mopped the floors and sat down with an ice cold glass of wine. Delicious.

I think we are having a day in tomorrow, we have been out every day. My house is neglected, i feel neglected haha, i need a nice day in. Just to potter, kids can play and watch films and do colouring. Doesn’t hurt to have a little day in every now and then.

So, now i am saying goodnight as we are about to watch Fifty Shades Darker..


A x

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