Wednesday Feels..


Today has been a quiet day, Dan has been working. Kids have played in the garage with their toys from Nanny and GaGa’s, in that time i managed to make some cookies and sort my washing out.

Washing all done, woohoo. I am finding it so hard keeping on top of my house now the kids are off, i just don’t have the time to clean how i used to when they were at nursery. I don’t know how i done it before when they were not at nursery. It looks ok at the moment because the lights are low and the candles are on.

Audrey (my mother in law) came over today, she wanted to get out and come and see the kids which was nice. She bought Kellan a new book to help with his letters and words, but the kid has an attention span on a gnat. His mind is so over active and his imagination is out of this world is lovely, but not when I need him to concentrate.

It’s been a nice chilled day. I even made some of my gluten free cookies i have blogged about. They are so good, and so filling. Still haven’t mastered the size of them but hey, they all get eaten so thats the main thing 😂

Dan put kids a bed, they love Daddy putting them to bed. It’s like they know it’s their time which is nice. Plus it gives me a chance to sort dinner, washing, tidy up or pour a wine..

Dan just called me upstairs and said i needed to come and look at Kellan, i thought he must of fallen asleep on the floor or something, but no. No, Kellan was laying completely naked in his bed. He had obvisouly felt like he wanted to strip off and let it all get aired. We was laughing so much, the kid loves being naked.

We have just been sitting watching something on Channel 4 about 4 year olds going into old peoples homes. I have said this to Dan time and time again about integrating a nursery into an old peoples home for a few hours on interaction. I get lonely now, i feel for them. You could see how much happier and active they were. I know some elderly people have their own issues and wouldn’t want children around, but some do. Some have no family and one visit a day for a couple of hours breaks up 8 hours of boredom and loneliness. Their faces when the children walk in their room, they lit up. It brings everything back of either being parents, or getting their chance if they didn’t have it when they were younger. Me and Dan were talking about even if we done once a week in a church/church hall so they can have a few hours out of their isolation. Breaks my heart.

Anyways, i hope you are all Ok

Love A x

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