Today we found the Gruffalo..

First off, i have to say a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS’ to my wonderful bestie and her husband on the birth of their second son, Jack. He was born this morning at 1:33am, weighing 8lb 4oz, mum, dad and big brother Ronnie are head over heels in love.

Secondly, my wonderful friend from Greece has also told me some exciting news. Myself and Dan are so made up and excited for them.

Today I met up with one of my bounty girls, Shar. She lives about 30 minutes from me, so we decided to meet up and take the kiddies to find the Gruffalo. They loved it, they played lovely and were excited when they found each character from the book. We had a nice picnic, kids were running around in the glorious weather, made a change from being indoors with miserable weather.



After the kids had eaten, Kellan, Grayson and Billy were off running around the field, playing in the sandpit and having a real good time. Me and Shar were sitting with Summer (Shar’s little princess, she’s adorable) when G came over and asked for his “piderma” wellies. (spiderman, just incase you were wondering) he had seen some of the big kids jumping about in a big muddy puddle. He obviously thought he was peppa pig for a minute, because off he went, stomping, jumping, running through this puddle. It was fine, he was happy. All of a sudden, splash. Over he went. He was covered up to his hips thick, gunky smelly mud. It was disgusting. He was moaning about his boots, so i took them off and literally poured the water out of them. Stripped him off, then he was off playing. Honestly.


But apart from that, we had a really good day. If you haven’t been then go, cheap, fun day out for all.

Hope the beginning of the second week of the six week holidays has been good for you.

Love, A x


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