My week..

Sorry i’ve been so lame with blogging lately, its just been one thing after another.

Thought i would take my 10 minutes quiet time to have a little catch up with you all before i dish mine and dan’s dinner up. Kids are at Reiss and Billie’s with my dad having dinner, Dan’s in garage cleaning and me and the dog are sitting in complete silence. Amazing.

Firstly, what the fuck is up with this weather? Here in not so sunny essex, it has been pissing it down most of the week. Hello Summer. It’s the kids last day at their nursery tomorrow, i am sad and excited and the same time. Sad because i know how much Kellan (not so much Grayson) loves it there, and he is going to miss having that routine. Most of his friends he plays with have already left, so his in with the younger group now. Kellan has been there since he was about 18months old. I was pregnant with Grayson when we put him in, he needed it to help his social skill and also to give mummy some down time and also time to bond with Grayson once Kellan was at school. It’s mad how quick it has come around, he will be leaving tomorrow – then home with me till the 4th September (i think!?) then off to his new adventure. School. I never thought i would get emotional at the thought of him leaving, but i really am sad to see them both go.

We picked our new car up Monday, its lovely, fast, but lovely. Hubby to be loves it. When we left the dealers, we had to grab the kids a sandwich before they went to school, i ran into M&S to get them something, went to open it in the car and Dan was like “are you joking me? we’ve had the car 10 minutes and already you are trying to feed the kids” i just looked at him and replied “what do you want me to do, get them out the bloody car and feed them in the carpark” he didn’t have to say anymore, i read his mind. So here they are, enjoying their M&S Egg Mayonnaise sandwich, in the shitty english weather on a park bench outside a community hall. Seriously. You couldn’t make it up.


On Tuesday we went to Barleylands Farm, weather was nice and pleasant and no rain thank god. I met one of the mums i’ve made friends with at Kellan’s new school, they get along lovely which is nice. They burnt out some of their energy.


Wednesday we took them to the hotel near our local airport so they could watch the planes come in, we had a little bit of lunch then they were off to nursery, well Kellan was. Grayson was at home with me.


Today, we went for an early walk with he dog over the field which was nice, Kellan rode his bike and Grayson his scooter. It was hard work, but they had a good time. I have baked another batch of gluten free breakfast cookies which i found on after seeing them on Facebook. My god, they are delicious. First batch were nice, second were good, the third batch will be perfect.. i hope. Seriously though, they are such a good idea for rushed mornings, there we go kids have a healthy gluten free cookie. Very filling, and again, so tasty.

I have made a list of things to do with my sprogs once they break up from school tomorrow, need to keep them busy. Part of me regrets pulling them out of school, they could of stayed up till 31st august, but why? why would i do that? I feel like I need to make the most of them at this age, it goes so bloody quickly, i feel like i don’t want to miss anything. Just hoping the weather perks up as most of my “list” is outdoors.

I hope you are all ok, at least it’s Friday tomorrow, woo!

Love, A x

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