Sunday Feels..

Good Evening,

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. We have had a busy weekend once again, it is non stop.

We took the kids over Hockley Woods as the park has all been done up, the kids loved it. Burned some energy! After about an hour, we picked up a few burgers from the stall. They wasn’t great, but edible. Literally within 5 minutes my tongue started to tingle, my lips felt rough and sore. I was like Dan, Dan, something is happening to my tongue.. he was like what? I had some sort of allergic reaction to god knows what, apparently there is such a thing as an Oral Allergy? So it’s a mix between pollen and foods.. i could only think that the burger sauce I had might of had pollen on it of some sort and that set it off? I have never had this before, i literally panicked so much, i was then thinking that my tongue was going to swell double to size and i was going to die. Dramatic i know, but this is me. I am a bit of a drama queen.


Anyway, after a antihistamine it started to settle after an hour or so. Good fun. I was panicking for the rest of the day.. so tomorrow afternoon I’m down to the health shop to have an allergy test, to see if we can rule out what is going on..

Me and Dan have been a bit irritable this weekend, unsure why, but we have. It’s made the weekend hard if I’m honest. I was out Friday & Saturday night (double whammy) which is unlike me but it was nice. Friday night i was with neighbours, second night a good friend, but now i feel like I’ve not seen Dan. Ugh i don’t know.

Just got home after a day of here and there seeing family. We then had to stop so Dan could buy a lawn mower off of someone, he didn’t think it over. We had 2 x prams and god knows what crap in the back of the boot.. i told him it wouldn’t fit, and it didn’t. The poor kids were squashed in the bloody car with two prams through the middle. MEN.

Now we are sitting down with Kellan (grayson is asleep, poor sod fell asleep in car without his dinner, but he did not wake, didn’t even move) Kellan fell asleep in the car but we can’t move him without him waking, so we have just ordered a pizza (from the box, kellan’s favourite) watching Sing. We don’t get a lot of just us and Kellan time, so this is so nice. He appreciates the time we spend together, also he is that bit older and sleeps so well so we should really let him have a few nights where he goes a bed later than his baby brother.


A x

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