It’s Oh So Quiet..

Here i am, sitting here in complete silence. Kellan is at nursery and Grayson is having an overdue nap. I should be getting on with house work and washing, but I’ve decided to make the most of this and just chill. no TV, no phone, no music, just chill. Once I’m finished blogging my laptop will join that list.

It’s mums last day today before she goes back to Spain. We haven’t done a lot to be honest while she’s been over but it has still been nice having her here. I’m hoping to get out to Spain before Kellan starts school but we will see, if we don’t then i don’t know when we will next see her.

I’m not sure whats been wrong with me these past few days, i have been constantly tired and irritable and there isn’t really any reason why i should be feeling like this. Ok, i go to bed late, about 11-11:30 but my kids sleep in till 7:30-8 so it’s not like i am up through the night with them and then up at the crack of dawn. Dan has been a bit restless the past few nights so maybe thats why, but my patience level is ridiculous. I find myself snapping at the boys more because of my moodiness. I feel like a hormonal teenager all over again. Then i think the boys are picking up on my mood because they have been more testing this last week which I’m finding hard. But then again, that could just be from a break in their routine where mum and dad are here. Normally they are fed, bathed and bed, but the last 2 weeks we have all been a bit up in the air.

I feel like i did when i had a new born, i think i need an early night and no wine. I’m not an alcoholic, i just like a couple of glasses of wine before bed. No harm in that.. is there?

I feel like I’ve put a ton of weight on in these last couple of weeks which probably isn’t helping the way i feel. My mum tum looks bigger than ever, i feel all flabby and wobbly. I just feel blurgh. Do you have them days? I’ve actually put my Pjs on as i couldn’t stand to sit down in my bloody tight high waisted jeans (god send) they are so uncomfortable ! So from Monday i will be back on my diet, and using the gym equipment that has been sitting in my living room for the last 2 months.


They are going to miss their nanny, and so am i.

Anyway, Happy Wednesday.

Love Me X

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