Me and Dan are kid free, KID FREE. My mum and dad have gone to my uncles caravan for the weekend, they said they would have the boys. Now we don’t have our kids looked after a lot, the only people we have look after them are our babysitters or my family. My mum and dad before they moved to Spain would have them occasionally if we had plans. My brother and his might as well be wife have Kellan if we need to to have him. It’s hard because no one takes Grayson. So i find it hard leaving him, and he struggles when i go. His only been away from me over night 3 times i think, maybe not even that. So anyway, yes we are Kid Free. It is lovely, but our house is empty and quiet. We miss them.

We had Kellan’s little pre-school graduation yesterday. He was so cute, he came running out with his face painted as Spider Man holding his little bag which consisted off a certificate, a signed t-shirt from his class mates, a cake, some sweets, a little graduation cap and a balloon. He was so made up. We then attend the fun day which was nice. I bought Kellan some Usborne Books ready for school. These books are amazing, i had never seen them before. They have all different books, i will definitely be getting some more. Kellan had his eye on one with tractors and aeroplanes so maybe I will get him that for his birthday in a few weeks. We then headed down to Clacton. I used to love Clacton, brings back all our childhood memories. We were very fortunate as children and went abroad quite a lot, but nothing beats a caravan holiday. I love them.

We then went for Pie n Mash, it was amazing. Dropped the kids back to the caravan and then had to sneak out so Grayson didn’t see us. When we left the kids were feeding the fish, Kellan had been asking all day to ride the cars he saw in the pictures on my mums phone. I thought we was taking them today, but i got a message on our way home last night and mum and dad had taken them. They loved it.

Heading home and our old neighbours and good friends, but also new neighbours invited us up for Amanda’s Birthday BBQ. It was like old times, good company and good drinks! I promised Andy i would mention him, so here we go ! Thank you both for a lovely evening.

Kellan got fed up while waiting for Grayson to fall asleep, he apparently said to my mum “Nanny, send him home his annoying me” and G fell asleep with GaGa..

The excitement of getting into bed knowing you will wake up when you are ready, and not by the kids. 5am, the dog starts barking.. Travis, really!? It takes me ages to doze back off, 7:30 my phone rings. It’s my brother Reiss. He called me twice, then he FaceTimed me to, 1. tell me my phone wasn’t working 2. tell me about his bowel movements. Honestly, the one rarity where we don’t have any kids to wake us up, Reiss calls me to tell me about his morning poo, well wasn’t just to tell me, i got actions, details and everything. Brilliant. Thanks Reiss.

I then decided to FaceTime mum to see how my boys had been, my dad looks worn out. Kellan is hyped and running around and Grayson is so excited telling me his got a “cit cit” biscuit. Mum then tells me that my nearly 4 year old son, had taken it upon himself to get a kitchen chair, drag it over to the kitchen in the caravan, stand on it and help himself to sweets. Him and Grayson demolished the whole bag while everyone was asleep. These kids. This is why we have a gate at the top of the stairs. They are going to have a brilliant sugar rush this morning!!

So after doing my work this morning, i have had my cuppa tea in my quiet house i took this opportunity to blog. Sorry I’ve been quiet, it’s just been a manic week. Dan hasn’t moved off the sofa watching god knows what on his phone, sounds like a load of crap to me. Then i will be leaving about 12ish for Clacton to spend the afternoon in Clacton and then come home.


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend X


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