I’m Back..

Hey! sorry i have been quiet, i have just had a manic few days since Friday!

I was working, entertaining guests and losing my shit. But i’m back.

Work this weekend was so busy, i call myself the jinx when its my weekend on call. Most jobs go wrong, the vans go wrong and even the engineers have their moments. I can deal with stress, I’m a parent for god sake! This was something else though, i felt like i had a newborn again. The bloody phone was ringing all through the night, it was hell. I was so tired, Dan left me in bed Sunday morning and Monday morning. Felt worse for it though.

Not a lot has happened to be honest, spent some time with mum and dad which has been lovely, decided to re-decorate our downstairs bathroom and move things out our hallway and re-locate them.

(and just so you know, the mirror isn’t wonky – it’s the sink – good old developers)

We had a lovely time we some good friends of ours who we met on our little get away to Greece earlier this year. It was so refreshing to see them, can’t wait till next month when we are going down to see them.

Dan is currently sitting opposite me looking at decor for the house. We live in a new build so it is all very plain. We have started decorating but as you go in every room, its like it is not finished. We will get there, it is just finding what we agree on.

I’ve just sat down after a busy day. I’ve just bleached steam mopped the floors and gassed us out – my nostrils are burning. Dan is now ranting because of my “Monica cupboard” if you haven’t watched friends that is wasted on you, i’m also disappointed if the answer is that you haven’t watched friends. Its amazing.

Once we dropped Kellan to nursery, me and mum went to pick up my beautiful wedding dress. My wedding dress that i now wouldn’t be wearing for over a year. We were originally getting married on 30Th September this year, but us being us decided it wasn’t right. It’s not what we both wanted anymore. When we booked our wedding we only had Kellan with no plans to have a second until after the wedding. Well mother nature had different plans because 2 weeks after booking the wedding, boom. Pregnant with Grayson.

We then went shopping to get some bits for dinner, Grayson threw himself on the floor because he couldn’t open his Thomas the tank engine chocolate lolly pop. I could of lost my shit but i didn’t, i just stood there, then told him i was leaving. I wasn’t in the mood.


So i’m now sitting with a massive glass of wine (spritzer, i’m not the hardcore drinker i once was pre-kids) looking at my beautiful wedding dress hanging on the back of a door because it doesn’t fit in any of my wardrobes. bollocks.


Oh well, i will deal with that in the morning. Luckily enough dan can’t see through the bag..

I hope everyone is ok, i would love to hear from you and get to know you all a lot better.


Feel free to comment below –

Love, Ashleigh X

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