I have been blessed with 5 amazing ladies coming into my life 4 years ago. When i fell pregnant with our rainbow baby, i was scared, lonely and worried. Worried that we were going to mis-miscarry again. I ended up signing up to Bounty. I’m sure you are all aware of Bounty.

Its a pregnancy/birth related website/forum. I was scrolling through the forums and i come across a post called “mummy friends” i believe. There was loads of ladies on there, but us 6 gelled. These girls are my best friends, they are my go to girls. Every time we have an issue we all turn to each other. They were the first to know about me being pregnant (apart from Dan obviously). They are honestly my rocks. I am so blessed to have these strong, independent women in my life and i am truly grateful.

I’m sure when we all got talking we thought that we would probably all fizzle out, but no, 4 strong years on and we still talk and have our little whatsapp group. We have all said we would love to meet up, we are all from different parts of the country so isn’t as easy as that, but one thing is for sure, that i will meet these girls one day. I honestly love every single one of them.

We have all been through a hell of a lot in these last 4 years, but it has only bought us closer.

but again, i am truly blessed.

Shar, Laura, Sam, Zoe and Tara – my rocks, my queens.


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