Hi Guys,

So let me give you a little run down of whats happened over last couple of days.

First off, for all my concerned followers, Minty is ok. His thriving in his pint glass.

Cone head had his cone off – hurrah ! His calmed down so much more thank god, i was beginning to think we had made the wrong decision by having his balls chopped. We are all good, his going back to him self !

Ok so, we ordered a new car. Had no intention in ordering a new car. We have a lovely car but as me and dan do, we went to look, sat down started chatting and next thing we know his signing the paperwork for a new car. So that’s exciting.

The boys have been good, Kellan went in for story time yesterday at school, he was a little more emotional but that was because the surprise I’m going to be talking about turned up. Grayson also had a settling in at his new nursery, he loved it. He didn’t cry when Daddy left him and didn’t make him feel guilty, that must just be a mummy thing. Obviously.

Me and Dan were sitting in the kitchen yesterday morning, taking a little bit longer to wake up than usual. After breakfast we all went up to get dressed, dan went off to work in his office and me and the boys were following our normal routine. At about 12:40 Dan saw my dad’s car pull up. First thing i thought was something must be really bad, my dad has never missed a day from work – this was really out of character. All of a sudden, my mum walked through the door! What a lovely surprise for our bog standard Thursday. The kids were excited to see her, I was really excited to see her, and Dan, well, he was ecstatic. I know we have only just got back from Spain, but me and her are really close. She’s my best friend. I’ve gone from having her 15 minutes down the road and seeing her everyday to her now living in Spain. Which is lovely for her and my Dad, but sucks for me.

Literally as soon as she walked through the door we was off to story time at school. Kellan wanted nanny to come so he could show her his big school. I didn’t think nothing of it. When we got there i noticed all the kids had their favourite toy, Kellan didn’t. The reason Kellan didn’t was because mummy forgot. He bloody hasn’t even started properly and I’m failing! Anyway, the kids had to go in on their own, Kellan went in fine, until the door closed. Me, mum and some of the other mums were sitting on a table outside, all i could hear was Kellan crying. Not me for me, no. For nanny. I felt awful, i didn’t even think how he would react with Nanny being there. I tried to distract myself by speaking to some of the other mums, and like I’ve said in previous blogs, I’m not the best person for putting myself out there, and it takes a lot for me to spark up a conversation with someone. So i gave it a shot, they sort of spoke but then they all got up and walked away. It made me feel shit. Was this how it was going to be? Me on my bloody own not talking to anyone!?

Then this lovely lady came and sat down, she was minding her own business and me mine. I could still hear Kellan crying which was setting me off, then before i knew it we was in a flowing conversation. She’s in the same boat as me, the boys go nursery out of the area so they have no friends here, well that’s a bit of a lie, kellan has two kids from his nursery but he doesn’t really know them. We both kept ourselves to ourselves previously and out of the cliques that you get on the school playground. Another friend of mine little boy is going to the same school but again not in the same class, plus it’s another friendly face on the school playground. So we decided to arrange a play date. Which I’m really looking forward to.

I found it daunting, i felt like i was starting school all over again. Horrible feeling.

Anyway, kids are both in nursery, the house is clean and I’m sitting in complete silence. It is bliss.

Have a lovely Friday X

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