Travis, you are a dick. ok, you are not really a dick. Well maybe a little bit. I still love you but you have annoyed me this evening. I know your fed up being a cone head, but you had one more day to get through, one more day. We are not allowed to walk him, so its just the garden. His cone is massive so he either takes the kids out or swipes any bit of furniture in his way..

We left him for a couple of hours to go down the pub with the family, he had full roam of his little room and our kitchen/family area. We came home and honestly, i don’t know what he had been up to.. his bedding was ripped and stuffing everywhere. Then when that wasn’t enough he decided that minty was going to get it (our homegrown mint plant)  god knows what happened, but he obviously didn’t like it. Maybe minty turned into baby groot and started giving it.. i doubt it, more like he jumped up to the window seal and took the poxy thing out with his cone.



Out the garden you go Trav, you pest. This is just what i needed after i spent most of the day cleaning the house and floors. Bloody dirt and stuffing all over the floor, mummy only wanted to sit down and watch Love Island. Daddy done bedtime, i sorted the kitchen out while the dog looked through the window rather proud of himself. Nob.


Minty is fine. This glass will have to do until we find a new pot..

Anyway, i know i said we weren’t drinking during the week but screw that tonight.


Chin Chin X

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