What I should be doing..

I should be hoovering and mopping the floors, what I’m actually doing is ordering loads of new plant based home cleaner.. i love anything organic or natural. My good friend was buzzing about it, so i decided to order some. I did get a little bit carried away.. sorry bank account. Me & Sammie (my friend who told me about this amazing cleaning stuff) have just spent the last 10 minutes texting about it. How our lives have changed.. quite sad really how excited we are, I’ve ordered some bits she hasn’t got so she wants me to let her know what its like.. we need to get a grip

Before Dan left for work this morning he dumped his suitcase in the hallway thats been sitting in the car since Sunday and said “this can all just be washed” thanks hubs, i think its just laziness and he doesn’t want to put it back in his wardrobe..

So this morning so far we have FaceTimed nanny, cleaned the kitchen, done breakfast, loaded the dishwasher and put the first load of washing on. I had to spend a few minutes scraping the “burnt” bits off of Kellan’s toast. He takes after his mummy, hate burnt toast.


Today we don’t have much planned. This afternoon Grayson is going with his DaDa (granddad)  for an hour while me and Kellan go to his play session at his big school.. I can’t believe my first born baby is going to big school in September.

Anyway, must dash. Kids have to be bathed – if your kids suffer from Eczema try Weleda Baby Bath.. my god it is amazing. I’ve just ordered some new bath stuff from Nu Skin to give that a try, poor grayson suffers with it.

Blog later X

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