Welcome Home Daddy..

Evening. I am melting tonight – my house is so hot! Just sitting down ready for Love Island, dan’s missed it, i can tell.

So my wonderful hubby to be is home, yay! it’s been a long weekend but not as bad as i thought. Dan had a really good time so that was the main thing. We decided to head home after i picked him up and order a dominos pizza for all of us instead of having the drama of going out to a restaurant and the kids play up. Grayson had fallen asleep in the car, and woke up after about 20 minutes (he normally has a 2 hour nap) so he was really groggy. He was whinging, and crying and just really unhappy. I was driving so dan was trying his best to lean over the back and sort him out. All of a sudden, he started being sick. Grayson was crying, Kellan was crying, it was a nightmare. I’m just so bloody glad i had Dan in the car and wasn’t on my own. Good timing G. It went everywhere. Poor dan had to sit in a twisted position holding G’s sick covered blanket and dummy bunny for a good 15 minutes. Poor sod was crying the whole way home. Grayson, not Dan.

Welcome home daddy!

As soon as we pulled up, Dan got Grayson out the car and run him upstairs into the bath, the car chair was taken apart and in the wash along with dummy bunny (mama) and his blanket. Kid cleaned, blankets cleaned and we were back to normal. Dan still hasn’t unpacked.. job for tomorrow!

Grayson is fine, it’s not a bug. Thank god. It seems to be when his getting himself upset, he starts having a coughing fit and then is sick. This only started happening yesterday. I took him to the doctors today (Dr Brown Bear, as Kellan calls him after Peppa Pig, the doctor didn’t seem impressed when Kellan called him that…) just to check his throat and chest but he couldn’t find anything. He said it could be hay fever or even Asthma. We have got to keep an eye on him for a week then go back. I’m hoping its just change of weather where we have been out the country back and fourth.

Early night for all tonight, Dan is knackered from his weekend of drinking, i am knackered because i didn’t sleep as i thought i was going to die and my kids would of been left (see previous blog). Today has been a nothing day, we spent about 4 hours test driving and chatting about a new car while the kids were in nursery.

Hope you are all well, i am going back to Love Island now. Ciao X

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