Have fun..

Morning, I’m currently sitting here, in my bra and jeans waiting for my t-shirt to come out of the tumble dryer. It has a few creases and i can’t be arsed to iron it (don’t tut at me mum)

But that would also mean going to the car, getting the new iron and ironing board out that Dan bought JUST to iron his shirts for this weekend, which he didn’t do.

Dan has left for his stag do this weekend, a year early but what the hell. We were meant to be getting married 30TH September this year, but decided to push it back a year. The hens and stags have already been booked, so was pointless people losing out on money.

Now I’m home with my kids most of the time, on my own, but i feel anxious about this weekend. Maybe because I’m supposed to be working, look after the boys and not worry about Dan. I have had a word with my darling brother about covering this weekend for me and i will do the next two – lets see if he does it for me.

I’m also anxious because i normally have someone i can run to if i am having a crap day. First ones being:

Mum and Dad – they now live in Spain, so i am unable to see them.
Casey and Calli – my brother and might as well be wife, they are also in spain this week so it’s a no to them
Reiss and Billie – my brother and his also might as well be wife, i am seeing them Saturday for a nice day out (hoping the weather stays nice).
But i do feel anxious, i don’t know why.. but i do. I’ve never been left in the house on my own before so thats something new, i’ve always had Dan for when I’ve had a bad day and i need daddy’s intervention, which the kids actually listen to. I take my hat off to single mums, i don’t know how you do it. I suppose, when you are in a situation you do just get on with it and make it work. You have to.

So yea, Dan, enjoy your stag do. Please don’t mix your drinks and ruin it for yourself you twat. I am apparently getting updates and photos, so when i do, so will you.

Going to enjoy this rare moments peace and drink my hot cup of tea.. this is why i get up early. It’s the little things.

Enjoy your Friday, blog later X

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