Personal Space..

I will get to the title of this blog in a bit – just thought i would give you a run down of my day..

The dog is fuming because of his operation. Poor sod can’t even sit down properly. He is hating on me at the moment. Trying to get a hyped 9 month old Cockapoo to not jump is proving difficult and quite exhausting. When the vet told me my rules i just looked at her and thought “are you taking the piss out of me?” then she told me he got out of his first head cone, so they had to put a bigger one on him. He looks like a right wolly. Anyway, Travis is on the mend. Ball-Less and pissed off, but on the mend.


This morning I decided to take the kids to a soft play area, but by the time we got dressed and out the door it was already 11 o’clock. Pointless, as i had to take my brother and might as well be wife to the airport for their sunny weeks holiday to mums. Now my two love their uncle and auntie, well infact they love our family. We are all really close, to the point the kids would rather go with them then stay with me. True story.

So the whole way down there Grayson was asking about the planes, it was non stop. Then he started crying because he wanted to see the planes. I was just driving thinking this is great. Good idea Ash.

So i dropped them off at Stansted.. my god as soon as they got out the car both of my kids screamed. not just a little bit, like hysterical crying. It was pissing down with rain, i was trying to concentrate on driving and i had them two sobbing in the back. Have a nice holiday you twats! (only joking, you are not really twats)

So after about 20 minutes the kids stopped, kellan wore himself out that much he fell asleep and Grayson was still asking to see the planes. Kid loves planes. I was getting irritable by this point, it was still bloody pissing down so i decided to cool it and grab the kids a McDonalds (mum of the year) but as i pulled into this new McDonalds in chelmsford, it was a sharp left off the roundabout there was an old lady in a red peugeot heading for me. I honestly thought we was going to crash. To be honest i don’t know how we didn’t! I stopped in the middle of my lane and just laughed (if i didn’t laugh i think i would of cried by this point) and pointed that she should quite clearly be in the right hand lane, not the left. The old gent next to her gave me the thumbs up and she tried to manoeuvre her little Peugeot 206, nearly reversing into the car coming towards her in the right lane. Crash avoided, i headed to McDonalds drive through. Happy Meals ordered I parked to sort Grayson’s happy meal out, he wanted a buh-gor (burger). Off we go again, i get to the junction to pull out of McD’s and grayson starts creating about his buh-gor – i halted and just sat at the junction unaware of the que behind me while i sort out the burger that has fallen from Grayson’s bun. By this point i was thinking please let me get home. Please.

After noticing the que, apologising and sorting out the burger drama i was on my way home, still with a whinging plane obsessed toddler, Woohoo.

Home sweet home. Cooked dinner, called dan in from his office. 10 minutes after dinner being dished up Dan appears (I’m halfway through mine with the help of G). But before Dan joined us Grayson took it upon himself to sit ON the table, very close to me while i ate my dinner. My kids are not allowed to sit on the table, but by the time i sat down i couldn’t be arsed to tell him. Someone call the parenting police. Which is where my title has come from.. personal space? or lack of it when you have children. I never realised how much you would miss your personal space when you become a mum. Toilet trips are always a joint visit, the poo visits are the best as you get clapped and asked if it was a big one (i feel so humiliated), when you shower you have eyes all on you, trying to help you while your in the shower, trying to open the shower. Eating your dinner, when two little feet appear on your bowl.. like seriously. SERIOUSLY. I just don’t get it, i don’t get why your children have to be up your arse like every minute of every day. I feel like a ninja sometimes tiptoeing around so the kids don’t hear what I’m doing. I can’t get away with anything. I can’t do nothing without little eyes watching my every move.


Kiss bye to your personal space. It makes me laugh though, they watch you with such integrity. I often wonder what goes through their little heads. As much as we find it annoying, its cute at the same time. They want to be near you, but aswell they are learning. It’s like my boys love having their hair blow dried and makeup put on. Does it bother me? No. Why would it? They are only doing what they see their mummy do on a daily basis. They are learning, watching, growing. I love it, i love watching their little minds work. Every day they truly amaze me. Even when they are crying and arguing over bloody planes. Well, arguing over everything come to think of it.


Anyway, Ciao. Going to check on my new lampshade before i go to bed X


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