Groundhog Day..

Do you ever feel like you are living in groundhog day? I’m a stay at home mum, who day in day out does the same thing over and over again. Don’t get me wrong i love being able to spend every day with my baby’s and I’m very lucky that we are in a position where i don’t have to work, but some days just get a bit too much.

I’m home most of the days, except when both boys are in nursery I have some mummy time (see friends, nails, hair etc.) which i do think you need, you need to have your own time. Its mentally and emotionally draining some days.

We have 20 months between the boys, when i found out i was pregnant (Kellan had just turned one) I was in shock, but i didn’t expect how hard it would actually be seeing as we had done it once before with Kellan. He was a hard baby, so we honestly thought we had seen it all. I don’t really go out with them both on my own, Kellan is quiet and has really started listening now, but if he has had a bad night, or doesn’t want to do something (stubborn git) then we enter the meltdown zone. Grayson is defiant, stubborn and will go against anything i say. Its not worth the stress, as i constantly feel like i constantly say their names.. and no. No is my favourite word. Ugh. So i tend to stay indoors. They have their toys, their Tv and their garden. What more do they need?

Our routine is as follows: Get up, have a cuppa T, do breakfast, unload dishwasher, first wash on, kids upstairs to get dressed, i get dressed with an audience, as per. You don’t know how good it feels to shower without eyes on you.. haha, tidy their toys, make the beds, hoover, polish, do the bathrooms, put the dishwasher one, dry the clothes, new wash on, hoover, mop the floors (yay), lunch time, do lunch, tidy up, hoover again, tidy up the toys (again), poo pick in the garden, unload the dishwasher, take all the clean washing upstairs, put it away, put their toys away (again, again) prep dinner, dish it up (they don’t eat it), i plead, (they eat it), daddy walks through the door, dish our dinner up, bath the kids, put them to bed and then chill… every day. without fail. It is honestly just non stop.

Then by the time we sit down I’m worn out , i get moany and Dan just looks at me like “what have you been doing all day” lol.

Any how, I have just finished steaming the floors and tidied up again. The kids are asleep, I’ve had to run up and down the stairs a few times as G was unsettled but he is snoring away now. Nice little bit of exercise for the evening.

Catching up on Love Island (exciting life i lead), dog has had a couple of treats, his being sent to have his balls chopped tomorrow, so decided he could have a little treat and now he has to be starved till after his operation.. poor sod. His going to be well aggy tomorrow. Poor fucker don’t even know whats coming.. i feel so bad..


Look at him..

We went for a nice long walk with the dog and the kids today, they love being out in the open. Kellan got tired on the way home, so we popped him in the pram with Grayson, G kicked off and started moaning, so poor kellan got out and came and held my hand. Them kids do the littlest things, and they just melt my heart. Kellan will randomly tell me that he has missed me and says “give me a cuddle then” the kid, he just makes me burst. Grayson is loving but in his own way, he will randomly come up to us and cuddle you. They are such sweet kids. Monkeys, but sweet. They make me and Dan so proud. We came home, and Kellan ran into his bedroom to play with his toys, i shouted up to him and said we were going out and he said “ok then mummy, let me just tidy up first” Ugh, my heart.

I’ve now got a large glass of wine and my comfortable Bunny Pj’s which Dan adores.. NOT. He hates them.. I wouldn’t mind he bought me them a few Christmas’s ago and now he moans about them. He told me he was throwing them in the bin while i was away in Spain.. but i know his not that brave. Silly man.

How can it be Sunday already.. weekends just fly. Dan back to work tomorrow (boo)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ciao X



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