Family Time..


Evening !

This morning we got a lovely wake up call from Kellan. He decided to blow raspberries on Dan’s back so he was making farting noises. Then G joined in, they were giggling away  which then started me and Dan off. Perfect way to be woken up.

We have had a lovely day down my auntie and uncles. It’s been a lovely little family day out. They live in Cambridgeshire, and they have horses, a goose and two dogs. Kellan was excited to go to the “farm” as he called it. He has a new found love for horses. To be fair, he loves any sort of animal. Obviously takes after his mother.

Headed out about 9:30 this morning to make the most of the day down there. We had such a lovely time, but its such a shame how you hardly see your families. I’m close with my immediate family, but we all seem to struggle branching out of that. I love nothing more than spending time with mine or Dan’s family, i think its really important to still be close with your family. I’m really close to my immediate family, some say its unhealthy how close we are. I just say its jealousy because they don’t have it with their family. Im very lucky.

Casey and Calli (my brother and his might as well be wife) came with us. We had a cheeky stop at McDonalds for a breakfast (haven’t had one in years) then we were off. Kids started getting bit fidgety about an hour into the journey, Grayson was whinging so we put the music in the back of the car and turned it up. They love the music loud and any opportunity to dance. We was listening to spotify on the way down and it has made me a summer playlist based on the most songs i listened to last year. Some were good, some not so good, but it was nice to listen to a bit of variety.

The kids were so behaved today, Grayson was in love with the duck (goose) and Kellan the two horses. It was nice seeing them so relaxed and loving their surroundings. Maybe we should move to a farm, kids would be occupied!

I think it is so important to have these family days every now and again. We all got so wrapped up in other parts of our lives that we forget whats important.

This is only a short, boring blog just to give you an insight into our day. Thats the purpose of these blogs. To show you my mum life, the good, the bad, the ugly and the boring..

Kids are a bed, dan is walking the dog and I’m having 5 minutes peace. Might even have a cheeky wine. See how I feel.. most likely be wine.. who am i kidding.. I’m having a wine

Have a lovely Saturday evening X


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