Back to reality..

Today has been a weird one. Our holiday feels like a lifetime ago, but at the same time I’ve been away for so long being home seems weird.

First off i was woken up by Dan’s alarm – Bruno Mars – Marry You. It was cute at first, but now it annoys me. So 5am we are up, all of a sudden Dan appears with Kellan. Poor little sod wet the bed.. he hasn’t done this for months. Think its all unsettling for him. Anyway, the kid was wide awake. He was not going back to sleep. Up we get then!

One a postive he got to see his GaGa before he left for his weekend in Spain. The first wash on, Kellans bedding. Grayson woke about 8. Before Grayson woke up Kellan wanted to go in the garden, at 7am. It wasn’t happening. Well, he kicked off. I wasn’t ready for this, i hadn’t even had my morning cup of tea. I need my tea. Normally i get up with Dan, we sneak downstairs have a hot cuppa in complete silence ready for the kids to wake. But not this morning. So after meltdown one, I occupied him with super wings. Had a quick, luke warm cuppa. Rank. Used to it now though. I then took us all up to get dressed, Kellan and Grayson destroyed their rooms.. (I’ve cleaned them up 6 times today, they haven’t even been here half the day!!) All dressed by 9:30 – it felt like it should be about 12pm, but no, it was 9:30. I finally let the kids in the garden, washing being hung out, next wash on (i was on a roll) Then the dog was jumping through all dan’s new planted flowers.. good god. Dan and his flowers. All of them told off, was like banging my head against a brick wall.

After hoovering, unloading and reloading the dishwasher i got my best friend out. The steam mop. Ugh, i chose the worse tiles when we moved into our house. God knows what i was thinking. My floor looks constantly rank. I steam mop everyday, sometimes twice a day. It is such a shit job, and it never looks no different. Dan laughs because i have such an obsession with the floors.


Poxy floors

Floor cleaned, kids still pissing about with the dog. Second wash out, third wash on. Kids rounded up, decided to take them McDonalds before nursery. Was nice to have some me and kid time, they enjoyed themselves. A lovely elderly man who worked there gave them 2 balloons. They kept letting them go, so there mummy was grabbing the balloons constantly, in the end i tied them round my bag. Problem solved. Just sat back down, Kellan shouts out “MUMMY I NEED A WEE WEE NOW!” so up we all get, i left Grayson’s dinner on the side while i took him to the loo. Grayson clapped him (he gets very proud of his big brother haha). I then grab Grayson, his dinner and Kellan and go to the car. Nearly lost the balloons twice. shit. Balloons safe, kids safe, i get in the car and notice I’ve somehow got tomato sauce on my bloody new white top. Balls.

There i am sitting outside a crowded McDonalds viscously rubbing my boob with a water wipe – people were staring. So embarrassing ! Stain sorted, off to nursery.


This was after my vicious scrubbing..

Kellan was so excited to see his friends after three weeks. Grayson not so much, every time i leave him he cries. I run out that nursery today, not even ashamed to say it. He was ok as soon as i walked out the door, they sent me a little photo of him to show me he was fine. Shitbag.

It has honestly been a non stop day, i had some me time and had my nails done and caught up with my friend which was lovely. Then off to food shopping, get the washing in, make the kids beds, then off to pick the kids up. I took the dog for a drive as i didn’t manage to get him out today (sorry Travis). But we did take some snapchat selfies.. Dog was loving it.. NOT.


Kids are exhausted, i was so ready for bedtime and so were they. Ive not looked forward to bedtime this much before, it has honestly just been so busy.

My beautiful little shit bags. Wouldn’t change them for the world – I’m so lucky and blessed.

I will leave you with these two photos that i received today.. X

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