Holiday? What Holiday..

To say these last 24 hours have been manic – thats an understatment! I’ve only just sat down to write this blog. We have literally all been go go go since yesterday afternoon. My poor mum is probably still washing and scrubbing floors. She is like cinderella..

So first off we were delayed, kids were mega excited in the airport as they love aeroplanes (as I’ve mentioned before) so they were bouncing off the walls. So sitting on the plane, delayed, hot, sweaty and bored. We had to sweetest girl sitting next to us, honestly she had the patience of a saint. Kellan took a shine to her, which was cute!

Grayson fell asleep with Daddy, as per. Always falls asleep with Daddy on the plane, not for me. His a shit for me.. seriously. So after take off, some M&M’s (why i gave the kids them i don’t know..) but they calmed down, were happily chatting away. All of a sudden I’m not even joking, the plane sounded like it hit something or we landed.. i had to look out the window to see what was going on. Seriously, my arse fell out. Kids were oblivious, they had a little giggle through the women and men screaming. Horrendous. Me and the lovely girl next to me were just staring at each other like wtf just happened..

Finally we touch down back in England. Home sweet Home.

Got off the plane it was just downhill from there.. Grayson was waving bye to the planes, me and Dan had our hand full with bloody trunkies and suitcases. Why we decided to take hand luggage instead of a big suitcase.. we are mad. AND, they don’t give you your bloody pram at the bottom of the stairs anymore which is a nightmare. Grayson then tripped over his own feet and i struggled to pick him up, he held the whole que up.. so awkward. We then get to passport control and the kids just went like lunatics – they were running up and down the line, Kellan was screaming Adios ! Adios ! Adios ! one person turned round and was like “he isn’t giving up is he??” no mate, he isn’t, thanks for noticing.. you’ve only got to listen for a few more minutes, I’ve got this for the rest of the day. Looking back at it now, it was quite funny – kids such a character.

Anyway, through passport control, then all of a sudden Grayson decided to lay on the floor, as i said.. hands full. 2 x cups, 2 x iPads, makeup, blankets, passports.. anyway, i bent down to pick him up.. i don’t know what happened but he lost his balance and then i couldn’t grab him quick enough.. he face planted the floor. Like properly face planted the floor.. i was mortified. I felt awful, poor sod had a graze on his head and everything. Everyone just stared at me.. Bad mum alert.

Finally in the taxi home, kids then run through the door and saw Travis.. hyped all over again! Then my neighbour who’s been looking after the dog’s little girl Annabelle came running over. Kids were so happy to see each other, was lovely. Me and Amanda are really close so its been weird us not seeing each other for three weeks. Off for lunch we went, kids were running round in the garden, it was lovely to watch. Then we come back home and for me and Amanda it’s tradition for “wine Thursday” not wine wednesday, wine Thursday. A nice crisp glass of wine.. it really wasn’t relaxing like it normally is. Just so stressed today.

Im going to moan now, sorry Dan. So my darling hubby to be as been flitting back and fourth to and from home to spain. I thought he would of made the kids beds up, but no. So up i went to sort them out, tidied up the clothes that had been left on their beds, then unpacked the kids stuff before bed time. Amanda was occupying the kids while i was doing that. Poor cow was being a very unlucky patient to Dr Kellan & Dr Annabelle… anyway, back downstairs, threw the dirty washing in the basket.. how i had so much i don’t know seeing as my mum done it all. Sorted kids dinner out, back upstairs to unpack mine and dans stuff. All i wanted him to do was watch the kids so i could unpack in peace. Nope. Up they come, bloody covered in ketchup, fine. So kids were playing but i was just fed up at this point. I just wanted to go to bed haha, i was so tired. I don’t moan about Dan a lot, he does so much for us. I was just tired and grumpy at that point. Love you Dan!

Kids washed and a bed (thank the lord) and then i decided to go Tesco. OH MY GOD, it was amazing. Kid free, relaxing around tesco, casually perusing. It was like another mini holiday. I even bought myself some new clothes (from Tesco, what has happened in my mum life) got in the car, all relaxed looking forward to spending the evening with Dan then i realised i bloody forgot the wine. HOW COULD I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER.. WINE!!!! Im going to sound a bad mum now but I’m so glad that the kids are at the nursery tomorrow! woohoo. back to routine.

Anyway, i have been banging on for a while. I am currently watching love island with the pooch, have a lovely evening. Adios XIMG_3902Excuse the wires.. you don’t normally see them but Dan has been fiddling with the TV.


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