Delayed with Two Toddlers.. 

Here we are, sitting on a hot plane on the Tarmac with two aggy kids is not the one. 35 minutes till we take off – 😭😭. 

They are bored with their iPads already, it’s going to be a long flight. 

We have had a lovely holiday, full of sun, sea and sangria! Yay! Lots of memories made to cherish, kids have loved every minute. They are going to miss being able to go in the pool anytime they want. Back to the restriction of clothes. The boys have loved walking around naked. Monkeys. 

I’m looking forward to getting back to our routine, kids back in nursery and back to normal bedtimes! 

My son is currently shouting out “GO CAPTAIN” – cracks me up. They love an aeroplane, they get so excited. Love watching their little faces when they see a plane. 

We can’t wait to be home sweet home, reunited with our Travis. His probably forgot who I am. 

Oh well, blog soon X 

                     Wish we were here.. 

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