Expectation Vs Reality..

We decided to go for dinner last night down the shopping centre out in Spain. We opted for a quiet air conditioned american diner type restaurant.

It always seems like a good idea to go out for dinner with two under 5’s (it’s not a good idea. trust me). I picture us sitting there, laughing and cooing over our darling well behaved children’s drawings, all sitting eating our dinner together, the children eaten every single bit on their plate and us all feeling very relaxed. THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Dinner was ordered, Kellan chose a hotdog and chips, Grayson a cheeseburger and chips. 10 minutes they sat there happily drinking their apple juice. Then the boredom kicked in, Grayson was climbing all over me, talking in his own language to the family behind us who didn’t have a clue what he was on about. He wiped tomato sauce all over my lovely summer dress, Kellan twerking in the booth while eating his hotdog and whooshing the tomato sauce round like a rocket, the throwing of things, then attacking the straw holder and banging that about. We told them both to sit down and eat their dinner quietly. They didn’t do this. Every other family seemed to have their family under control – us on the other hand were losing the battle. Eyes were staring.. i was getting conscious but the kids were loving life. (suppose thats all that matters right?)

They are not always like this – i blame the sun.

Anyway, after the ordeal over with, we decided to take them to the little arcades to burn some energy. They loved it. We had a really good time. Then we treated them to a little pack of sweets while mummy and daddy sat down with a big glass (of well needed) sangria. It was lovely. It was really lovely. We might of even stopped in a bar on the way home and had another one or two.. don’t judge me..


This morning we woke up and decided to go down to the beach. It’s our last day here today (boo) – we have been here just under three weeks. Im glad to be going home so we can get back into our routine, but sad to leave because it means leaving mum behind.

The beach was lovely, the kids loved it. First time Dan has spent time on the beach with the kids – we’ve all come home, had a swim then off out for an earlier dinner – Burger King.. Kellan’s choice. My poor waistline (I’m dreading stepping on the scales when I’m home) then time to pack ready to leave at 8am tomorrow 😦 . Back to the stress of the real world, back to the normality, back to housework!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day X




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