Lucky me..

Today has been a good day. Sun is shining, kids are happy. Mum and Dad decided to take Kellan down the Saturday market with them today, so me and Grayson got to have a bit of time just the two of us. After about an hour he was ready for his nap. Once he was asleep i decided to make the most of it and do some swimming and sunbathing. Just as i relaxed Mum, Dad and Kellan came home. Oh well!

Kids were happily pottering about in the pool, its just been a lovely chilled day (my hubby to be is probably laughing at that statement as i always say i want to “chill”)

Dan text me and told me he had a surprise, this is the second surprise this week – last weeks surprise was a new kitchen sink (sad how excited i was) this week… A CLEANER. Our house will be all ready and spotless for us when we arrive home Thursday. I was very happy and grateful. His spent his last day in England today tidying up, cleaning bedding and making sure all the washing is done before he flies back out tomorrow morning. I am so lucky to have him in my life, i have definitely struck gold. He always helps out with the kids, the house and the dog. If I’m having a bad day he knows how to make me better, i do not sing this mans praises enough. I honestly don’t know what i done to deserve such an hard working, amazing fiancé. (sorry if I’ve made you sick with my soppiness.. this is a rarity for me.. I’m like an Ice Queen)

We are now sitting here, watching Disney Pixar Cars waiting for the BBQ to start. I’m even going to have a few glasses of sangria tonight..

Happy Saturday XIMG_3766

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