Today is scorching – hitting highs of 43 degrees. Before kids i would be slapping on the sun oil and laying out in the sun until i was crispy brown… but now i favour the shade as its pointless because as soon as i lay out in it my kids needs me for everything. Plus i can’t cope with the sun as well as i could before kids.

The kids are irritable today, everything they are doing is a problem. Finally a breeze has picked up a bit so Kellan is currently chilling in the shade with me and his airplane.

When I’m in Spain, its like home from home. I don’t really go out – i cant be arsed to get the kids dressed to go out and melt in their prams, by 8pm they have had enough and I just want to go home. We find it much easier to just stay home, they can potter about and play.. sorry I’ve now lost my trial of thought as Kellan has just told me he wants Grayson’s sweets i bought him down the shop yesterday, I’ve told him no. This child and his attitude, honestly. His told me to say sorry to him as its not nice that i have said he can’t have Grayson’s sweets.. honestly, threenagers.

I don’t find holidays relaxing anymore, i find them stressful. They would be relaxing if we all had full time nanny’s that took our children and looked after them, but unfortunately we don’t. We do it all.

I love it when you watch things like Sam Faiers mummy diaries and she paints the perfect mum life.. what they don’t show you is the people she employs to make her parenting as easy as possible. We only see the good bits. We don’t see her lose her shit, moan because their house looks like a bombs hit it after 5 minutes of making it spotless and how she looks so good all the time is beyond me. I can just about manage to dry shampoo my hair and scruff it up into my famous Miss Trunchball bun.

Me and Kellan have just had some chill time in the pool, had a little swim and a play. This is what holidays are about now. Making memories they we will all cherish for the rest of our lives, and i do love it. (i really do..)



(true story)


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