My favourite time..

My favourite time of the day is bath time. I like the fact that in them 15 minutes they are back to my babies. I cherish every minute, i love washing them head to toe, washing their hair and watching them play. I then scoop them up, wrap them in their towels and dry them. Then i do the typical mummy thing and smell them. They smell so good. Mostly thanks to Weleda!

My mind goes back to when they were first placed in my arms, how delicate and dependant on me they were. I remember thinking all the sleepless nights, colic and the constant crying would never end, but people were right. It did end. I did blink and before I knew it I now have a nearly 4 year old and a 2.5 year old. Its scary how quick it does go.

Kellan starts school in September, i had to order his little uniform. Broke my heart. He looks too small to be going to school. Dan called me when he was back home and showed me it – it looks tiny! I want to keep him home forever. It really does go to quick. So please if you do have tiny babies please cherish every moment, part of me wishes i could go back and do it all over again. I really would do it in a heartbeat.

Take them extra 5 minutes to kiss them, listen to them, read them that book. Forget the housework, housework can wait, enjoy them. Just hold them that little bit longer because before we know it they won’t want a mummy cuddle anymore. They will be out with their friends and locking themselves in their rooms.


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