Last of the Summer Wine…

Firstly I need to apologise for not posting last night – i had no intentions what so ever to go out for dinner and drinks. I had a nice chilled evening planned for me, Dan and mother. But no, we decided to go to a chinese restaurant for a little bite to eat, but let me fill you in on how we came to this decision.

Before that though, we were having some quality family time in the pool when we decided to take the kids round to the local restaurants for some dinner. Me and Dan wasn’t eating as mum was cooking dinner for us later that evening, so we decided to do what every responsible parent does and order a jug of Sangria. Bad move.


By the time we got back to my mums we were both half cut. Hence the decision to go out for dinner. So after getting us all ready in under half hour and getting to the restaurant i decided that another jug of Sangria was on the card. Again, bad move.

We joined in on my mum and dads group of friends evening, they call it the Monday club. Well, when i say joined, i mean crashed. We crashed their Monday club. Dan being the doting parent got Grayson asleep while I sat stuffing my face with food and downing my “summer wine” as if it was going out of fashion. I was on fire, I get a bit cocky when I’ve had a drink and my mums friends had never seen this side to me. They were in for a treat.

Dinner done, sangria drunk, the last of a bottle of red wine, and three bailey shots after we decided to move down to a little irish karaoke bar. So up i got, sorted my dress out and went to walk towards the door with everyone, only to be called back by Dan asking if i had forgot something, in which i replied, No.

But i had forgot something, i had forgotten my little precious Grayson who was tucked up snoring in his pram. Another parenting fail. (I’m good at these)

After a few giggles, a few pram crashes we made it to the bar. I decided no more Sangria for the evening, so i went onto malibu and lemonade. Then, out of the corner of my eye i saw one of the prams move.. Grayson was awake. Balls. After rocking, cuddling, bouncing him around he made it pretty obvious he was not going back to sleep. I instantly sobered up believe it or not. Kellan obviously got the memo because like clockwork he woke up. So me and Dan decided to call it a night and walk home thinking it would get the kids back off to sleep, kellan did. Grayson didn’t. Anyway, they did go to sleep when we got home. Everything was dandy.

So we are now currently sitting in my mums garden, overlooking the pool. Dan with his G&T, me with my water. Its been a long and exhausting day today, no it isn’t a hangover that has made me feel like this, it’s just parenting. Some days are hard, and tiring. Today has been one of them days. We decided to go down the beach about 6pm with Dan’s family and mum to see the day off – must admit, it was pretty perfect end to our day.


Just so you know i was going to sign this off with a beautiful picture of Dan and the boys overlooking the sea at the beach today – but then i realised it was on Mum’s phone. She’s asleep, and i daren’t wake her up.. Im not that stupid. So this one will have to do.

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