Date night..

Dan flew back to Spain today after three days back home. Unfortunately he can’t stay in Spain on holiday with us sunning it up; he has to work and earn the pennies as Kellan says for me to be able to jet off when i want.

Its been a hard three days, kids turn into shitbags when Daddy isn’t here and they know how to push my buttons. I feel like i constantly repeat myself, no kellan you can’t have anymore sweets for breakfast. Grayson no, away from the pool. Grayson stop picking on your brother. Kellan I’ve told you no! (Its draining!) then as always, mummy says no so they go running to Nanny. Nanny always says yes. Thats what grandparents are for, to say yes when you’ve turned yourself red from shouting the same sentences. But come on Grandparents, back us up sometimes. Honestly, the only thing that works with kellan when I tell him no is for me to count to five. It works, most of the time. Sometimes he decides to count along with me which is always fun.. now grayson gets involved with the countdown. I sometimes don’t know why i bother. Not going to lie, we do threaten the kids with “do you want to go to bed” when the constant no and the counting to five doesn’t work, only now Grayson not only counts me down when i tell him off, he also asks me if i want to go to bed. Parenting fail.

I don’t get how some people make parenting look so easy. I want to pull my hair out or lock myself in the cupboard at least 6 times a day..

I was counting down the days till he was home (well in spain) so he could come back and rescue me. Yes, like a damsel in distress.. don’t get me wrong, our children are not naughty (well we don’t think so) they can just be a bit challenging at times, and when they are in one of these moods, we find it hard to deal with it.

So i decided that me and Dan should go out on a little date night round the local bar for some dinner and drinks. without the kids. i needed it. So, i went to ask my mum if she would watch the kids while we stuffed our faces and got semi drunk. But i done it tactfully. I asked my mum while my Dad was sitting in the room, knowing full  well he would say yes on her behalf. and he did. my plan worked! We put Grayson to bed and left Kellan up with Nanny.

We was only out a couple of hours, but my god, it was so nice being able to eat a hot dinner without having food thrown at you, them whinging because they are bored, being over tired, and just damn right miserable. It was lovely. I don’t even feel guilty. Well maybe a bit.

Being honest though, i did miss the little monkeys, i always do when I’m not with them. It’s like you can’t win. Sometimes you just want a break, to run away and forget about everything for a while, but as soon as your alone without them you just want to be back at home with them. Weird.

They are the hardest job in the world, but my god so worth it. I would never trade this in. (even though i do sometimes think back to my kid free days and think why did i do this..)

They make our days so much better. Honest.FullSizeRender.jpg

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