Post Pregnancy Body..

I’m currently cooking my kids dinner, while I’m waiting I’ve been looking in the mirror at my figure and how much it has changed since having the two boys..

I have flabby bits in places I never knew possible. I was always a size 10-12 before kids, very straight bodied and small waist and boobs. I put on nearly 4 stone with Kellan, I felt huge. After a real shitty labour I got taken down for an emergency c-section. After a few weeks of healing I looked at my once flat tummy which now had this little red scar which bought my little human into the world with a saggy bit of skin. My tummy. I did spring back pretty quickly – nothing was ever too tight, i still wore the stuff I did before I was pregnant. Then I fell with Grayson, followed by my second section .. this time not healing as well or springing back like before. I remember my partner helping me into the shower, once he had gone I broke into tears as I looked at my overhang. From that moment my confidence went. A few months later and dieting I dropped back down to my pre pregnancy weight, this time around a size 12. I have made peace that there is only so much I can change of my body but I have to remember I have carried two little boys and bought them safely into this world. 

The reason for this blog is because I went bikini shopping today in Spain – thought I would spruce my wardrobe up. There I was happily piling them into my basket looking for my sizes. I decided to try them on when I got home. 1 fitted me. 1. I’m not sure what is going on with clothes at the moment but I was left upset and down in the dumps. I refuse to wear a swim costume, I’m not hiding my body. Don’t get me wrong there are things I would love to change, but I’m ok with where I am. I just feel like society feels like you have to be extremely skinny to fit into any sort of fashion. I’m just a mum with a tum with cellulite and stretch marks trying to make myself feel better with a shopping trip just to be left feeling unattractive and frumpy. 

love your body. Post or pre pregnancy. We are all beautiful. 

I gave the bikinis too my mum. The one that does fit still isn’t great, feel like half of my arse is hanging out but oh well… 

Oh dear, I’ve burnt their nuggets. Yes my children eat chicken nuggets for dinner.

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